#BookMomLife: Doggie Interruptions

Inspired by Shannon at Spellbound Librarian (you should totes follow her, she’s too funny) and her post Bookworm Problems: Cat Interruptions, I looked back at my camera roll and found similar incidents when trying to take photos for my Instagram & blog.

I have two Boston terriers named Holmes & Watson, they are both turning 5 years old this June. They will forever be our first fur babies.

They have been absolutely wonderful with our new addition, little Em, but doesn’t mean they crave every moment of my attention. I love taking photos on my light grey rug but that invites them to be apart of the photos. Luckily, some have turned out, while others… not so much…

They throw the puppy eyes if they can’t get on your lap while you’re using a laptop…


Doesn’t mean their sister isn’t guilty either…

But there’s nothing better than cuddling with them & a good book during nap time..


I’m one lucky mama!

Happy Reading Friends!

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