Updated Book Ratings – Who needs Boring Stars, when you can have Doughnuts?

Thank you for stopping by! I was getting bored of the everyday usual star ratings and decided to have some fun & update my book review ratings. Hope you like it!

The scale is most enjoyable to least enjoyable. I will be using this system moving forward, but will convert to stars for my Good Reads review posts.


5 Delicious Doughnuts: The type of doughnut you dreamt as a kid. Mind-blowingly good and you savoured every moment of it. You would recommend it to everyone you come into contact with & you have zero regrets.


4 Super Dessert Popsicles: This ain’t your regular popsicle, its been dressed up and made so eye-catchingly good – you eat it all up. Sure – you might have some minor problems with it being frozen sugar water, it was so much more and you enjoyed it all the same.


3 Double Quarter Pounders with Cheese: That conflicting decision of should I cheat on my diet with this double quarter pounder? You do it, and sure you regret some of it but ultimately you are leaning towards this was good decision.


2 Over-priced Street Vendor Hot Dogs: You know when you’re starving downtown and you get a waft of that hot dog stand, and you find out they are charging an arm and a leg. You pay for it, finish it, and realize you’re hungry 2 minutes later. Was this over-priced street meat worth it again? Probably not, but you ate it all anyways.


1 Sad Bunch of Carrots: Just like those sad frozen carrots left on your plate, you struggled to finish or you can’t find it within yourself to finish, so you feed it to the dog and move on.

*Disclaimer: I do not advocate feeding your sad carrots to your doggies, they produce gross farts. And please don’t cheat on your diets, with double quarter pounders with cheese. Do it only if you’re getting an apple pie too, a part of complete meal folks.

Want to use these too? Just link me & go right ahead. 

Let me know what you think! HAPPY SUNDAY !!


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